Dukinfield Central railway station

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Dukinfield Central Railway Station served the town of Dukinfield from 1864 until 1959. It was situated on Wharf Street, near Station Street and adjacent to the Peak Forest Canal - the line from the station went over the Canal on a cast-iron bridge which is still there (2014). It is believed the bridge was cast locally and was the first cast-iron railway bridge ever built. The station platform extended out over the bridge. The station was built on a series of stone arches, one of which served as a subway between the two platforms and is still in existence today (2014) but is now used as a tyre storage area. There are still signs of the platforms.

Coordinates: 53°28′53.4″N 2°5′52.8″W / 53.481500°N 2.098000°W / 53.481500; -2.098000

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