Dulce of Aragon

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Dulce of Aragon[1]
Queen consort of Portugal
D. Dulce de Barcelona, Rainha de Portugal - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Dulce of Aragon, in Antonio de Hollanda's Genealogy of the Royal Houses of Spain and Portugal (1530–1534)
Spouse Sancho I of Portugal
Issue Teresa, Queen of Leon
Infanta Sancha, Lady of Alenquer
Infanta Constança
Infante Afonso (later Afonso II)
Infante Pedro, Count of Urgell
Infante Fernando, Count of Flanders
Infanta Branca, Lady of Guadalajara
Berengária, Queen of Denmark
Mafalda, Queen of Castile
House House of Aragon
Father Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona
Mother Petronilla of Aragon
Born 1160
Died 1198

Dulce of Aragon[1] (or of Barcelona) (1160–1 September 1198) was the wife of King Sancho I of Portugal. She was the eldest daughter of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona and his wife, Queen Petronila of Aragon.

Dulce was married to Infante Sancho in 1174, an event that renewed the alliance between Portugal and her native Aragon. The union was arranged by her brother, King Alfonso II of Aragon. With her husband's ascent to the throne in 1185, she became Queen consort.

Dulce was the daughter of Raymond Berenguer IV Count of Barcelona with Queen Petronila of Aragon and sister of Alfonso II of Aragon. In 1175 she married the heir to the Portuguese throne, Prince Sancho I. With the death of King Afonso Henriques in 1185, it ascended to the throne as Sancho I of Portugal. Dulce died in Coimbra and was buried in the Monastery of Santa Cruz, her husband.

Princess Dulce of Aragon arrived in Portugal for her marriage to the King Sancho I, accompanied by his kinsman the noble gentleman Martin of Aragon; upon arriving in Portugal he married Maria Reimondes of Riba de Vizela and had children Afonso Martins of Aragon and Maria Martins of Aragon, ca 1186, lady of Avelar, landlord donated by Sancho I to his father.

The queens of Portugal told very early, with the proceeds of assets acquired, mostly by donation. Sancho I, in his will of 1188, donated the proceeds of Alenquer, land Vouga, Santa Maria and Porto, Dulce of Aragon. The queen also acquired other properties in the term and know that it was indeed Lady of Alenquer.

Children of Sancho and Dulce[edit]

Name Birth Death Notes
Teresa 1181 1250 Married to King Alfonso IX of Leon
Raymond c. 1180 1189  
Sancha a. 1182 13 March 1229 Abbess of Lorvão in Penacova
Constance c. 1182 3 August 1202  
Afonso II 23 April 1185 25 March 1223 Succeeded Sancho I of Portugal as 3rd King of Portugal
Peter 23 February 1187 2 June 1258 Count of Urgell and Lord of the Balearic Islands,
lived in León and married Countess Aurembiaix of Urgell
Ferdinand 24 March 1188 4 March 1233 Lived in France and married Jeanne of Flanders
Henry 1189 1189  
Branca c. 1192 1240 Lady of Guadalajara
Berengária c. 1195 1221 Married to King Valdemar II of Denmark
Mafalda c. 1198 1256 Married to King Henry I of Castile


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Preceded by
Maud of Savoy
Queen consort of Portugal
Succeeded by
Urraca of Castile