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Banjo dulcimer

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A banjo dulcimer is an Appalachian dulcimer modified by adding a vibrating membrane to the body of the instrument. This changes the tone and volume of the instrument, operating on the same principle as the banjo.

Homer Ledford, a luthier during the early part of the revival of the dulcimer, built several banjo dulcimers, which he called the dulcijo (a portmanteau of dulcimer and banjo).[1]

Makers of banjo dulcimers

  • Doug Thomson (banjomer.com) has been producing banjo dulcimers since 1980 - called "Banjo-Mer"
  • McSpadden Dulcimers began producing banjo dulcimers in the early 2000s.
  • Mike Clemmer produces a banjo dulcimer called "ban-jammer"
  • Dennis DenHartog (folknotes.com) has been building a solid frame banjo dulcimer called the "Banj-Mo" since spring, 2001.

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