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Dulcop is an Italian company created in 1957 in Bologna [1] which manufactures toys, soap bubble products, character figures, and premium figures for several companies such as Kinder Surprise. The company manufactured a variety of plastic toy soldiers until 1995 such as Robin Hood, Zorro, Tarzan, cowboys, knights, Napoleonic and cowboys and Indians.[2][3] The firm also once produced toy cars.[4]

1938 Dulcop started its business in confectionery for kids

1957 Melotti family owns the entire company

1966 Productivity line was improved with first assets to mould plastic materials

1969 The creation of the first Italian soap bubbles

1970 Still toy soldiers were the core business, making millions of kids play

1980 A spn-off in plastic home furnishings was developed

1988 Dulcop specializes in soap bubbles manufacturing with a strong know-how in moulding plastic.

1998 Birth of Babbol™ character

1999 Dulcop released its publishing for kids

2001 Bubble toys (giocabolle) extends and complete the range of soap bubbles.

2005 Dulcop produces a new transparent bubble bottle size named Glass.

2012 Dulcop is the only soap bubble company in Europe to be reewarded with the EC Type Certificate


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