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Canon Awarded by British Army World War II, Dulmial, Chakwal
Canon Awarded by British Army World War II, Dulmial, Chakwal
Dulmial is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°44′0″N 72°55′0″E / 32.73333°N 72.91667°E / 32.73333; 72.91667Coordinates: 32°44′0″N 72°55′0″E / 32.73333°N 72.91667°E / 32.73333; 72.91667
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Chakwal District
 • Total 30,000 approx.
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) +6 (UTC)
Pakistan Post 48330
Area code(s) 0543
Cannon mounted at the entrance of Dulmial Village
Kaali Chapri - Northern Surroundings Of Dulmial (Muhammad Ehsan)

Dulmial (Urdu: دوالمیال‎) is a village and union council, an administrative subdivision, of Chakwal District (Urdu: ﭼﻜﻮﺍﻝ‎) in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, it is part of Choa Saidan Shah Tehsil. Dulmial is now known within Pakistan as the ‘village with the gun’.[1]

The village has a population of nearly 30,000.


Dulmial is a village approximately 150 kilometres south of Islamabad in Pakistan. It is located on the road starting from Choa Saidan Shah to Kallar Kahar near the scenic Hindu monument The KatasRaj Temple.


Dulmial also known as Home Town of Gunners. Since its foundation some eight centuries the village has been providing the largest number of armymen to the state[citation needed]. Dulmial village sent 460 soldiers to the World War I making it probably the largest participation of any village in South Asia while it sent 732 soldiers to the World War II[citation needed].A memorial stone was also built in honour of the 460 soldiers on the premises of a primary school[citation needed].

After the creation of Pakistan, Dulmial provided five lieutenant-generals and 23 brigadiers along with many other junior officers to the army. Apart from the martial stories, Dulmial has much more to offer[citation needed].


Dulmial - A Pictorial View
The Bann(Pond) - Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
Sunrise In Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
A Ford Wagon in Street (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
Bestway Cement Factory Outside Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
The Mohala 'Talli Paand' - Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
Sunset At Bann (Pond) - Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
The Bann (Pond) in Spring Season (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
Sun Set in Surroundings of Dulmial (By Muhammad Ehsan) 
A Foggy Day - Dulmial


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