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A gathering of writers and photographers who have contributed to the community blog, Dulwich OnView (2008).
Dulwich Picture Gallery, with which Dulwich OnView is associated.

Dulwich OnView is a museum-based virtual community associated with the Dulwich Picture Gallery for the local community, based in the suburb of Dulwich, southeast London, England.[1][2][3] It runs a blog-based online magazine concerned with people and culture in Dulwich and the surrounding area.[4]

The group was formed through the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery in a grassroots manner.[5] and is supported by the Gallery.[6] It uses a combination of Web 2.0 technologies as needed, using facilities such as a Facebook group for the film society of the Friends of the Dulwich Picture Gallery,[7] Flickr for photographs taken by the local community,[8] a magazine blog on WordPress,[9] "tweets" on Twitter,[10] etc., to support its activities. The group is entirely run by volunteers.[3] The editorial team for the main website is led by Ingrid Beazley and Shapa Begum.

In 2010, the web interface was updated with multiple sections and a new style.[11][12] Shortly afterwards, the site won the Museums and the Web Best of the Web award in the "best small site" category.[13][14]

In 2012, Dulwich OnView included articles in the graffiti artist Stik after he produced works in Dulwich,[15] also featured by Dulwich Picture Gallery.[16] In 2013, Dulwich OnView reported on the Dulwich Street Art Festival showcasing street art based on traditional artworks in Dulwich Picture Gallery, forming Dulwich Outdoor Gallery.[17]


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