Dumas Beach

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Dumas Beach
near Dariya Ganesh Temple
TypeSemi-Urban, Sandy beach
LocationKonkan coast, Arabian Sea
Nearest citySurat, India
Coordinates21°04′45″N 72°42′55″E / 21.07917°N 72.71528°E / 21.07917; 72.71528Coordinates: 21°04′45″N 72°42′55″E / 21.07917°N 72.71528°E / 21.07917; 72.71528
Area2 km (1.2 mi)×500 m (1,600 ft) (max)
Operated bySurat Municipal Corporation

Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea, located 21 kilometres (13 mi) southwest of the City of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat.[1] It is a popular tourist destination in South Gujarat. Dumas Beach is also famous for being in the top 35 haunted spots in India.[2][3]

Places of interest[edit]

Dumas Beach

Apart from the beach, places of interest at Dumas include the Dariya Ganesh Temple located adjacent to the main beach. The promenade has several shops selling Indian snacks like Bhajiya (including the famous "Lashkari Tomato Bhajiya"), Pav Bhaji, sweet corn roasted on charcoal, besides Chinese food. There are also several restaurants serving Chinese and Indian food are also available, with vegetarian options for people. Restrooms are available near Morarji Desai Circle.[citation needed]. In the recent days, our Hon'ble PM Shree Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Surat International Airport named as "Morarji Desai".From which, a visitors for the surat's historical places will be increases very soon. Before reaching Dumas beach, you will find an Anchor at a circle famous as Sultanabad's circle. Near the Anchor Circle, you can see the Lashkari Bhajiya(લશ્કરી ભજીયા હાઉસ),which is known for its various type of bhajiyas ("bhajiya is one of the famous dishes amongst Gujarati people").

Myth of haunting[edit]

The Dumas beach is notorious for its reports of alleged paranormal and supernatural activities. There have been alleged instances of people visiting the beach after dusk disappearing and visitors hearing howling at night. Natives believe that spirits and other paranormal entities walk down the beach at night. There have been numerous reports of paranormal and supernatural occurances on the beach, wherein people have claimed to hear strange sounds, voices, and sudden outbursts of laughter. Claims of witnessing appparitions and moving orbs, and other inexplicable activities have often been made. According to claims from a Mumbai-based journalist, she is said to have sensed the presence of paranormal entities and experienced other supernatural activities while visiting the beach after dusk.The legend of the beach being haunted is said to be rooted in the widespread belief that the beach was formerly a burial ground and is also attributed to the black sands and isolated location of the beach. Most of the reports of supernatural occurances on the beach remain unproven and unverified and might be an urban legend.

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