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Dumbiedykes flats from Salisbury Crags

Dumbiedykes is a residential area in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland.

It is bounded in the north by Holyrood Road, the west by the Pleasance and St Leonard's Street and the east by Holyrood Park.

The area was originally densely populated and poverty-stricken,[1] but since the 1960s the majority of the tenement buildings and council flats have been completely demolished and the tenants moved to the new estates in Craigmillar, The Inch and Liberton with only Dumbiedykes Road, Viewcraig Street and Viewcraig Gardens still containing council-owned buildings. Ian Rankin called the rebuilt tenement area "Greenfield" in his novel Dead Souls (1999):

Greenfield's tower blocks had been built in the 1960s and were showing their age. Dark stains bloomed on the discoloured harling. Overflow pipes dripped water on the cracked paving slabs. ... No council planner had ever lived here. No director of housing or community architect. All the council had done was move in problem tenants and tell everyone central heating was on the way.[2]

Since then, the area has improved beyond recognition. Lochview Court and Holyrood Court are very well maintained as they are factored by Edinburgh Council. Most of the buildings in Viewcraig Gardens and Viewcraig Street are insulated and gas central heated. The properties are spacious with plenty of storage and family-sized bathrooms and kitchens, so they are popular with families, students and holidaymakers alike.

The rest of the area has received a regeneration. There are now modern flats, student residences and University of Edinburgh sports facilities and it is now a popular area to live in due to its closeness to the centre of Edinburgh and the Scottish Parliament.

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