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Coordinates: 55°04′16″N 3°36′40″W / 55.071°N 3.611°W / 55.071; -3.611

Dumfries Academy
Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway
Type Comprehensive secondary
Established 1804
Head teacher Joanne Dillon
Teaching staff 52
Number of students 547
School colour(s) Maroon and Black

Dumfries Academy is one of four secondary schools in the town of Dumfries in south west Scotland.


Dumfries Academy has existed in its present form, though not in the buildings it currently occupies, since 1804. Its history dates back to the 14th century, making it the earliest school in the Dumfries area.

Early records show that John of Greyfriars, a monk, was appointed rector of a new school in Dumfries in 1330. Being a church school it concentrated on the study of religious texts, but in the centuries which followed other schools built in the town which taught subjects such as brewing, mathematics, English, baking, and needlework became integrated into the Academy building.

The Academy operated as a grammar school for those in Dumfries deemed academically gifted as based on exam results until July 1983. The most gifted students from three surrounding secondary schools transferred to the Academy after second year. As a result, Dumfries Academy had the highest rate of university entrance of any state school for many years.


The current uniform of Dumfries Academy consists of a white shirt, black trousers or skirt, a black blazer with the school crest attached and a maroon and black striped tie. During the 2006-2007 academic year, a senior tie consisting of a black background with white and maroon stripes was introduced.

Dumfries Academy today[edit]

The Academy has been a six-year comprehensive school since July 1985 serving part of the Burgh of Dumfries and surrounding rural communities, with an average roll of over 600 pupils and around 50 teaching staff. Students are placed into one of three houses in their first year; Barrie, Haining and Laurie.

Notable people[edit]

Dumfries Academy plaque of notable pupils


In 2005, William McGair, History teacher at the Academy, was awarded the Scottish Daily Record Gold Award for Inspirational Teacher.[2]


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