Dumi language

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Region Khotang district, Nepal
Native speakers
7,600 (2011 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 dus
Glottolog dumi1241[2]

Dumi is a Kiranti language spoken in the area around the Tap and Rava rivers and their confluence in northern Khotang district, Nepal. It is spoken in the villages such as Makpa, Kharbari, Baksila, Sapteshwor, and Kharmi (Ethnologue).

Dialects are Kharbari, Lamdija, and Makpa, with Makpa being the most divergent dialect (Ethnologue).

It is one of the rarest and least spoken languages in the world, with only 8 counted speakers of it in a 2007 study[3]


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