Dumsey Meadow

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Dumsey meadow
Cows by buoys laid to lane the traditional Chertsey & SheppertonSkiff regatta

Dumsey Meadow is a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Surrey, England; the only piece of undeveloped water meadow unfenced by the river remaining on the River Thames below Caversham, (Oxfordshire now Berkshire) and is home to a variety of rare plants and insects.[1]

The meadow is on the river above Shepperton Lock and just downstream of Chertsey Bridge.


There was formerly reference to "Dumsea Bushes", "Dumsea Corner" and "Dumsea Deep" at this point of the river, the bushes, which may have been a clump of willows, also going by the name of "Domesday Bushes".[2]

The Chertsey Regatta, which has taken place for over 150 years, is held at Dumsey Meadow in August.


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Coordinates: 51°23′18″N 0°28′57″W / 51.3884°N 0.4825°W / 51.3884; -0.4825