Dumuzid the Fisherman

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Dumuzid, called "the Fisherman" (cuneiform:𒌉𒍣𒋗𒄩; Sumerian: Dumuzid šukud),[1] originally from Kuara in Sumer, was the 4th king in the 1st Dynasty of Uruk, and Gilgamesh's predecessor, according to the Sumerian King List. The king list also states that he single handedly captured Enmebaragesi, ruler of Kish, and claims he ruled in Uruk for 100 years — far fewer than the 1200 years it ascribes his predecessor, Lugalbanda "the Shepherd". His given name means "faithful child" in Sumerian.

There may have been some confusion in the early Sumerian compositions between this figure and that of "Dumuzid the Shepherd", whom they call the king of Uruk, and who appears as a deity (Tammuz) in later works. However, the Sumerian King List says that Dumuzid the Shepherd had ruled before the flood, and locates him in Bad-tibira.

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Preceded by
Sumerian ruler
En of Uruk

ca. 2500 BC
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