Dun Vulan

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Coordinates: 57°14′26″N 7°26′57″W / 57.24056°N 7.44917°W / 57.24056; -7.44917

Dun Vulan Broch
Dun Vulan 20090609 02.jpg
Eastern entrance of Dun Vulan
Dun Vulan is located in Outer Hebrides
Dun Vulan
Location in Highlands, Scotland
LocationSouth Uist
Coordinates57°14′26″N 7°26′57″W / 57.240556°N 7.449167°W / 57.240556; -7.449167
PeriodsIron Age, Roman

Dun Vulan Broch (Scottish Gaelic: 'Dùn Mhùlan' or 'Dùn Mhaoilinn') is an Iron Age broch in South Uist, Scotland.


Dun Vulan is located in South Uist.[1] The site is now situated on an exposed promontory but was originally on a freshwater lake.[1]


Dun Vulan is an Iron Age (c. 150–50 BC) broch located on the southern edge of the promontory; it is now protected as a sea wall.[1] Excavations revealed an oval-shaped broch with a maximum diameter of 19.5 metres, with walls surviving to 4.5 metres in height and 4 metres in width.


Between June 1991 and July 1996 Dun Vulan was excavated as part of the SEARCH (Sheffield Environmental and Archaeological Research Campaign in the Hebrides) Project.[2] The excavations suggested that there were no earlier structures predating the main structure on site.[3]


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