Dunaneeny Castle

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Dunaneeny Castle
Dún an Aonaigh
near Ballycastle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Dunaneeny Castle is located in Northern Ireland
Dunaneeny Castle
Dunaneeny Castle
Coordinates55°12′41″N 6°15′01″W / 55.211389°N 6.250278°W / 55.211389; -6.250278
Site information

Dunaneeny Castle (or Dunineny Castle, Irish Dún an Aonaigh) is a ruined castle near Ballycastle, Antrim, Northern Ireland. The castle was home to the chiefs of Clan MacDonald of Dunnyveg and later the MacDonnells of Antrim.


Coordinates: 55°12′41″N 6°15′01″W / 55.21139°N 6.25028°W / 55.21139; -6.25028