Duncan's Dam

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Duncan's Dam is a dam situated in Lisburn, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, near the Thiepval Army Barracks. It was used until 1941 as a water supply for Lisburn. The dam is now open to the public - there is a path around the water and a playground at the north end. The parking is free.


Duncan's Reservoir was in operation prior to 1876 as it appears on the 1876 map. In 1925 a pumping plant was installed at Duncan's Dam using a diesel engine pump. In 1930 an electrically-driven centrifugal pump was installed and in 1941 both pumps were inoperative and Duncan's Dam ceased to be used as a town water supply.[1]

Flora and fauna[edit]

The dam is home to ducks, seagulls, occasional swans, Eurasian jay and squirrels.


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Coordinates: 54°31′50″N 6°03′50″W / 54.53059°N 6.06394°W / 54.53059; -6.06394