Duncan Freeman

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Duncan Freeman
City Homicide character
First appearance 28 August 2007
"In The Hands Of Giants Pt 1"
Last appearance 30 March 2011
"Ghosts, Part VI"
Created by John Hugginson
John Banas
Portrayed by Aaron Pedersen
Occupation Police Detective
Title Detective Senior Constable
Family Grace Barlow (sister)
Significant other(s) Claire Jackson

Duncan Freeman is a fictional character from the Australian crime drama City Homicide, played by Aaron Pedersen. He made his first screen appearance in the pilot episode "In The Hands Of Giants Pt 1", which was broadcast on 28 August 2007.


In the debut episode, he was returning to Homicide and had a problem with his thought to be temporary replacement Jennifer Mapplethorpe joining the team permanently. He had a girlfriend, Claire, but their relationship ended when he discovered she was cheating on him. He moved out of their home and attacked Claire's lover.

Claire was arrested when a large quantity of the drug Ice was found on her. The Drug Squad told Duncan that the charges against her would go away if she would wear a wire to help catch the Drug Dealers. Duncan said that Claire would not participate in this unless he was in on it. Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe refused to let Duncan be a part in this. Eventually the Claire wore a wire, the operation went belly up and she along with Jumbo Watson from the Drug Squad were killed.

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