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The CWA International Dagger (formerly known as the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger) is an award given by the Crime Writers' Association for best translated crime novel of the year. The winning author and translator receives an ornamental Dagger at an award ceremony held annually.

Until 2005, translated crime novels were eligible to be nominated for the CWA Gold Dagger. From 2006, translated crime fiction was honored with its own award conceived partly to recognize the contribution of the translator in international works.[1] Until 2008 the International Dagger was named for its sponsor, the Duncan Lawrie Private Bank. In three of the first four years it was awarded, it was won by Fred Vargas and her translator Siân Reynolds. In 2013, the Dagger was shared for the first time between two novels, Alex by Pierre Lemaitre and The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas.

In 2014 the CWA awarded it to The Siege by Arturo Perez-Reverte translated by Frank Wynne.[2]


Winners (in bold) and shortlisted titles.

Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Fred Vargas The Three Evangelists Sîan Reynolds 1995  France
Andrea Camilleri Excursion to Tindari Stephen Sartarelli 2000  Italy
Yasmina Khadra Autumn of the Phantoms Aubrey Botsford 1998  Algeria
Dominique Manotti Dead Horsemeat Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz 1997  France
Håkan Nesser Borkmann's Point Laurie Thompson 1994  Sweden
Rafael Reig Blood on the Saddle Paul Hammond 2002  Spain
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Fred Vargas Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand Sîan Reynolds 2004  France
Karin Alvtegen Shame Steven T. Murray 2005  Sweden
Christian Jungersen The Exception Anna Paterson 2004  Denmark
Yasmina Khadra The Attack John Cullen 2005  Algeria
Åsa Larsson The Savage Altar Marlaine Delargy 2003  Sweden
Jo Nesbø The Redbreast Don Bartlett 2000  Norway
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Dominique Manotti Lorraine Connection Amanda Hopkinson and Ros Schwartz 2006  France
Andrea Camilleri The Patience of the Spider Stephen Sartarelli 2004  Italy
Stieg Larsson The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Reg Keeland 2005  Sweden
Martin Suter A Deal with the Devil Peter Millar 2006   Switzerland
Fred Vargas This Night's Foul Work Sîan Reynolds 2006  France
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Fred Vargas The Chalk Circle Man Sian Reynolds 1991  France
Karin Alvtegen Shadow McKinley Burnett 2007  Sweden
Arnaldur Indriðason Arctic Chill Bernard Scudder and Victoria Cribb 2005  Iceland
Stieg Larsson The Girl Who Played with Fire Reg Keeland 2006  Sweden
Jo Nesbø The Redeemer Don Bartlett 2005  Norway
Johan Theorin Echoes from the Dead Marlaine Delargy 2007  Sweden
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Johan Theorin The Darkest Room Marlaine Delargy 2008  Sweden
Tonino Benacquista Badfellas Emily Read 2004  France
Andrea Camilleri August Heat Stephen Sartarelli 2006  Italy
Arnaldur Indriðason Hypothermia Victoria Cribb 2007  Iceland
Stieg Larsson The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest Reg Keeland 2006  Sweden
Deon Meyer Thirteen Hours K. L. Seegers 2009  South Africa
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Roslund/Hellström Three Seconds Kari Dickson 2009  Sweden
Andrea Camilleri The Wings of the Sphinx Stephen Sartarelli 2006  Italy
Ernesto Mallo Needle in a Haystack Jethro Soutar 2006  Argentina
Jean-François Parot The Saint-Florentin Murders Howard Curtis 2004  France
Fred Vargas An Uncertain Place Sian Reynolds 2008  France
Valerio Varesi River of Shadows Joseph Farrell 2003  Italy
Domingo Villar Death on a Galician Shore Sonia Soto 2009  Spain
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Andrea Camilleri The Potter's Field Stephen Sartarelli 2008  Italy
Maurizio de Giovanni I Will Have Vengeance Anne Milano Appel 2006  Italy
Åsa Larsson Until Thy Wrath Be Past Laurie Thompson 2008  Sweden
Deon Meyer Trackers K. L. Seegers 2010  South Africa
Jo Nesbø Phantom Don Bartlett 2011  Norway
Valerio Varesi The Dark Valley Joseph Farrell 2005  Italy
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Pierre Lemaitre Alex Frank Wynne 2011  France
Fred Vargas The Ghost Riders of Ordebec Sîan Reynolds 2011  France
Dror Mishani The Missing File Steven Cohen 2011  Israel
Roslund/Hellström Two Soldiers Kari Dickson 2012  Sweden
Ferdinand von Schirach The Collini Case Anthea Bell 2011  Germany
Marco Vichi Death in Sardinia Stephen Sartarelli 2004  Italy
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Arturo Pérez-Reverte The Siege Frank Wynne 2010  Spain
Arnaldur Indriðason Strange Shores Victoria Crib 2010  Iceland
Pierre Lemaitre Irene Frank Wynne 2006  France
Olivier Truc (fr.) Forty Days Without Shadow Louise Rogers LaLaurie 2012  France
Simon Urban (de.) Plan D Katy Derbyshire 2011  Germany
Fred Vargas Dog Will Have His Day Sîan Reynolds 1996  France
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Pierre Lemaitre Camille Frank Wynne 2012  France
Andreas Norman Into A Raging Blaze Ian Giles 2013  Sweden
Leif G. W. Persson Falling Freely, as if in a Dream Paul Norlen 2007  Sweden
Deon Meyer Cobra K. L. Seegers 2013  South Africa
Karim Miské Arab Jazz Sam Gordon 2012  France
Dolores Redondo The Invisible Guardian Isabelle Kaufeler 2013  Spain
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Pierre Lemaitre The Great Swindle Frank Wynne 2013  France
Sascha Arango (de.) The Truth and Other Lies Imogen Taylor 2014  Germany
Deon Meyer Icarus K. L. Seegers 2015  South Africa
Cay Rademacher (de.) The Murderer in Ruins Peter Millar 2011  Germany
Hideo Yokoyama Six Four Jonathan Lloyd-Davis 2013  Japan
Author Title Translator Orig. Pub. Year Country
Leif G. W. Persson The Dying Detective Neil Smith 2010  Sweden
Antonio Manzini (it.) A Cold Death Anthony Shugaar 2015  Italy
Pierre Lemaitre Blood Wedding Frank Wynne 2009  France
Gianrico Carofiglio A Fine Line Howard Curtis 2014  Italy
Fred Vargas A Climate of Fear Sian Reynolds 2015  France
Dolores Redondo The Legacy of the Bones Nick Caistor and Lorenza Garcia 2013  Spain


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