Duncan MacMillan High School

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Duncan MacMillan High School
Duncan MacMillan High School.jpg
Home of the Eagles
481 Church Point Road
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, B0J 3B0
Coordinates 44°55′8.3″N 62°31′4.7″W / 44.918972°N 62.517972°W / 44.918972; -62.517972Coordinates: 44°55′8.3″N 62°31′4.7″W / 44.918972°N 62.517972°W / 44.918972; -62.517972
School type High school
Founded 1963
School board Halifax Regional School Board
Principal Molly Gammon
Vice principal Aaron Verge
Grades 7–12
Enrollment 217 (September 2009)
Language English, Integrated French
Colour(s) Gold and Black ‹See Tfm›    ‹See Tfm›    
Mascot Eddy the Eagle
Team name Eagles

Duncan MacMillan High School (DMHS) is a secondary school in Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Duncan MacMillan is the smallest high school in the Halifax Regional School Board, but it has the largest geographical area for bussing.[1] Duncan MacMillan hosts Grades 7–12 and has about 251–263 students.[2] The school has three feeder schools: Sheet Harbour Consolidated School, Eastern Shore Consolidated School in Moser River and Lakefront Consolidated School in Tangier. As of 2011–12 the Administrative team consisted of Principal Marion (Molly) Gammon, Vice Principal Aaron Verge and Registrar/Guidance Counsellor Alana Hogg. In addition there are approximately twenty teaching staff and three educational support personnel. Although DMHS is small in population it does provide the courses necessary for any post-secondary program. Throughout both the junior high and senior high there is a continuing option for students to follow the Integrated French program in which French Language Arts and one other subject are presented in French, with the remaining courses being taught in English. In addition to the services provided directly by the Halifax Regional School Board, DMHS is also provided service by the Capital District Health Authority via a very active Youth Health Centre under the coordination of Darlene Rasmussen, RN, and via a youth social worker who serves DMHS and its feeder schools.

As of 2011 the HRSB had unveiled a plan that would eventually see all of the DMHS feeder schools closed, the present DMHS building vacated and possibly demolished, and in their place a single new school serving Grades Primary to 12 would be built.


The school officially was opened on the night of November 22, 1963, the same night John Kennedy was assassinated. It was named after Duncan MacMillan, a Sheet Harbour doctor who sparked the interest in building the Sheet Harbour hospital: Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital.[3]

When Duncan MacMillan High School was opened on September 18, 1963, there were 21 teachers. In the old high school they had 12 staff members, but with students coming in from Moser River and Tangier area they needed to increase the staff.[4]


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