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Duncan Rouleau

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Duncan Rouleau
Area(s)Writer, Penciller, Inker
Notable works
The Nightmarist

Duncan Rouleau is an American comic book writer and artist, and is a part of the Man of Action Studios collective of creators (along with Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle), who created the series Ben 10, that aired on Cartoon Network.


Rouleau has illustrated a variety of popular American comic books for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, and other publishers. He illustrated and co-wrote the 8-issue miniseries of The Metal Men in 2007 by DC Comics.[1] Steven T. Seagle and Rouleau also created the Marvel Comics super-hero team Big Hero 6.

In 2001, Rouleau co-founded Man of Action Entertainment, a creative think tank and production house, along with fellow partners and comic book creators Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle. MAN OF ACTION scripted four short films for an independent producer before being tapped to write the script for Activision's highly successful X-Men: Legends video game. Their third professional credit was the original animation series Ben 10 which they created and sold to Cartoon Network. The original series ran for 52 episodes and has so far spawned sequel series Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, two live action made-for TV-movies, and a live stage show. Their second original creation for Cartoon Network, Generator Rex, has aired over forty episodes to date, launched a merchandise line, and crossed over with Ben 10 in 2011. Rouleau serves as the co-executive producer on Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, which premiered in April 2012. In 2013, Rouleau also serves as co-executive producer on Disney XD's Avengers Assemble). The 2014 Disney animated film Big Hero 6 is based on the Marvel Comics team co-created by Rouleau.

In 2006, Rouleau released his first original graphic novel, The Nightmarist, published by Active Images.[2]

In 2016, Rouleau served as the creator of the Ben 10 reboot.

He is one of the writers on the 2022 Netflix 3D animated series Sonic Prime.[3]


Title Credit Year Publishing Company
Venom: The Hunted #1-3 Artist 1996 Marvel Comics
X-Men Unlimited vol. 1 #13 (artist, cover artist, Marvel Comics, 1996) Artist, Cover Artist 1996 Marvel Comics
The Uncanny X-Men Annual vol. 1 #21 Artist, Cover Artist 1997 Marvel Comics
X-Factor vol. 1 #140 Artist, Inker 1997 Marvel Comics
X-Factor vol. 1 #143-144 Artist, Cover Artist 1998 Marvel Comics
M. Rex #1-2 Artist, Cover Artist (w/ Joe Kelly) 1999 Image Comics
Action Comics #796 Artist 2002 DC Comics
Action Comics #800 Artist, Inker 2003 DC Comics
Teen Titans vol. 3 #20 Cover Artist 2005 DC Comics
The Nightmarist Writer, Artist 2006 Active Images
Adventures of Superman #649 Artist 2006 DC Comics
Blue Beetle #5, 9 Artist 2006 DC Comics
52 #30 Artist, Inker 2006 DC Comics
The New X-Men #29 Artist, Inker 2006 Marvel Comics
The Metal Men #1-8 Artist, (Writer/Inker on #4) 2007 DC Comics
"Hell Hath No Fury" DC Universe Halloween Special Artist, Writer 2008 DC Comics
"Territorealis" DC Goes Ape Artist 2008 DC Comics
"Black Alice" L'Elmo di Fate Artist 2008 Planeta DeAgostini
Batman/Superman Sonderbad #6 Artist, Writer, Inker 2009 DC Deutschland
DC Universe: Origins "The Origin of the Metal Man" Artist, Inker 2009 DC Comics
"The Creeper in What Creeps out the Creeper" DC Universe Halloween Special Artist, Inker, Colorist, Writer 2009 DC Comics
The Great Unknown Artist, Inker, Colorist, Cover Artist, Writer 2009 Image Comics
Monsters & Dames (Art Book Series) Artist 2009 Brandstudio Press
Superman: Ending Battle Artist 2009 DC Comics
X-Men: Future History - The Messiah War Sourcebook Artist 2009 Marvel Comics
DC Comics Presents: Superman #4 "O, Captain, My Captain" Artist 2010 DC Comics
Image Comics 2010 San Diego Comic-Con Yearbook "The Great Unknown" Artist, Inker, Colorist, 2010 Image Comics
Wolverine & The X-Men Artist, Inker 2011 Marvel Comics
Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman #1 Cover Artist 2011 Image Comics
The Milkman Murders "The Milkman Murders" Cover Artist 2012 Image Comics
Wolverine #2 "Bienvenue chez les X-Men! Et à Mort" Artist, Inker 2012 Marvel France
Wolverine und die #2 X-Men "Willkommen bei den X-Men! Jetzt Sterbt! Teil 3" Artist, Inker 2012 Marvel Deutschland
Elephantmen: Mammoth Book Vol. 3 Artist 2014 Image Comics
Empereur Joker Artist 2014 Urban Comics
Président Lex Luthor Artist 2014 Urban Comics
Wolverine Epic Collection Vol. 8 "The Dying Game" Artist 2014 Epic Comics/Marvel Comics
The Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1 "Ultra Comics Lives!" Cover Artist 2015 DC Comics
Multiversity "Die Multiversum-Illustratoren" Artist, Inker 2015 DC Deutschland
The Multiversity: Guidebook #1 "Maps and Legends" Artist, Inker, Colorist 2015 DC Comics
The Multiversity: The Delux Edition "Multiversity Guidebook Earth 44" Artist, Inker, Colorist 2015 DC Comics
The Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute HC Vol. 2 Artist, Inker 2017 Plays Well with Otters
Superman: President Luthor Artist 2018 DC Comics
Venom: Along Came a Spider... Artist 2018 Marvel Comics


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