Duncan Tunnel

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Duncan Tunnel
Other name(s) Edwardsville Tunnel
Location Edwardsville, Floyd County, Indiana
Coordinates Coordinates: 38°17′22.5″N 85°55′07″W / 38.289583°N 85.91861°W / 38.289583; -85.91861
Opened 1881
Operator Norfolk Southern Railway
Line length 4,295 feet

The Duncan Tunnel (also known as the Edwardsville Tunnel) is a railroad tunnel in Edwardsville, Floyd County, Indiana, USA. At 4,295 feet (1,309 m) long it is the longest tunnel in Indiana. The tunnel was initially built for the Air Line, who were unable to find a suitable route over the Floyds Knobs so they decided to tunnel through them.[1] The tunnel was completed by the Southern Railway in 1881 at a total cost of $1 million.[2] It is currently still in use by the Norfolk Southern Railway.[3] The tunnel passes beneath I-64 intersection #118.