Dundee cake

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Dundee cake
Dundee cake.jpg
Type Fruit cake
Place of origin Scotland
Creator Keiller's marmalade
Main ingredients Currants, sultanas and almonds
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Dundee cake is a famous traditional Scottish fruit cake with a rich flavour.[1][2]

The cake is often made with currants, sultanas and almonds; sometimes, fruit peel may be added to it. The cake originated in nineteenth-century Scotland, and was originally made as a mass-produced cake by the marmalade company called Keiller's. Keiller's marmalade company first produced the cake commercially and have been claimed to be the originators of the term "Dundee cake".[citation needed] However, similar fruit cakes were produced across Scotland. A popular story is that Mary Queen of Scots did not like glace cherries in her cakes, so the cake was first made for her, as a fruit cake that used blanched almonds and not cherries.[3] The top of the cake is typically decorated with concentric circles of almonds. Today, the cakes are often sold in supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom.

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