Dundee Island

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Dundee Island
Wfm antarctic peninsula islands.png
Map of Graham Land, showing Dundee Island (5)
Dundee Island is located in Antarctica
Dundee Island
Dundee Island
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 63°30′S 55°55′W / 63.500°S 55.917°W / -63.500; -55.917Coordinates: 63°30′S 55°55′W / 63.500°S 55.917°W / -63.500; -55.917
Archipelago Joinville Island group
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Population Uninhabited

Dundee Island is an ice-covered island lying east of the northeastern tip of Antarctic Peninsula and south of Joinville Island.[1]

On January 8, 1893, during the Dundee Antarctic Whaling Expedition, the island was named by Captain Thomas Robertson of the Active and named for their home in Dundee, Scotland. The expedition was made up of three other vessels in an unsuccessful search for commercial whales.[1]

It is from this island that the American businessman Lincoln Ellsworth, accompanied by the pilot Herbert Hollick-Kenyon, took off on the 23 November 1935 for the first crossing of the Antarctic by plane.[citation needed]

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