Dundee Tigers

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Dundee Tigers
Dundee Tigers Logo.png
City Dundee, Scotland
League Scottish National League
Founded 1938
Home arena Dundee Ice Arena

Orange, Black, White

General manager Scotland Colin McLeod
Head coach Scotland Ian Carstairs
Captain Scotland Stuart Barnett
Franchise history
1938–1955 Dundee Tigers
1987–1988 Dundee Tigers
1988– Tayside Tigers
2000–present Dundee Tigers
Scottish National League 1938–39, 1939–40, 1948–49, 2001–02
SNL Playoff Championship 2013

The Dundee Tigers are a Scottish ice hockey team, based in the city of Dundee. The present team play in the Scottish National League, and have won the competition once. Earlier incarnations of the Tigers have won numerous titles since the late 1930s.


The first Dundee Tigers team was founded in 1938. The Tigers played in the Scottish National League from 1946 to 1954, and in the British National League in 1954–55. The team was based at Kingsway Rink, and wore a blue, red and white strip. The Tigers won the Scottish National League in 1938–39, 1939–40 and 1948–49. The original Tigers last played in 1955.

A second Dundee Tigers team was founded in 1987. They played in the British Hockey League Premier Division 1987–88, before being renamed the Tayside Tigers in 1988. They played at Kingsway Rink in white, gold and black.

The Dundee Tigers played in the Scottish Under-21 League in the late 1990s.

The present Dundee Tigers have played in the Scottish National League since 2000. They are based at the Dundee Ice Arena along with the Dundee Stars and Dundee Comets and play in white, gold and black. The Tigers won the Scottish National League 2000–01 and the SNL Playoff Championship in 2013.

2013–14 roster[edit]

# Player
2 Stuart Barnett
3 Richy Fox
4 Gavin Hart
5 Eck Purves
6 Ian Carstairs
7 Marc Leggatt
8 Gary Warley
10 Scott Marr
11 Paul Guilcher
12 Lee Tosh
15 Alex Hawes
16 Mark McLeod
17 Grant Reekie
18 Craig Wilson
19 Graeme Carstairs
20 Marc Crighton
21 Ryan McFarlane
22 Steve Turnbull
31 Matty Michie
32 Kevin Turnbull
37 Josh McCluskey
42 John Robb
69 Andy Laird
81 Calum Michie
90 Kris Phillips

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