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Coordinates: 45°24′46″N 75°42′05″W / 45.4129°N 75.7013°W / 45.4129; -75.7013

Fall in the park, seen from the northwest corner.

Dundonald Park is in Centretown, Ottawa, Ontario. It occupies a city block, with Somerset Street West to the north, Bay Street to the west, MacLaren Street to the south, and Lyon Street to the east. It was named after Douglas Cochrane, 12th Earl of Dundonald, who was the last British officer to command the Canadian militia.

In June 2003, the City of Ottawa[1] and in April 2004, the Canadian federal government[2] put up memorial plaques in Dundonald Park commemorating the Soviet defector, Igor Gouzenko. It was from this park that Royal Canadian Mounted Police agents monitored Gouzenko's apartment across the street on the night men from the Soviet embassy came looking for Gouzenko. The memorial plaques are the result of four years of effort by history enthusiast Andrew Kavchak, who first came across Gouzenko's case, and decided that "the first major international event of the Cold War" deserved a memorial.


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