Dundrennan Range

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Coordinates: 54°48′N 4°00′W / 54.8°N 4°W / 54.8; -4 Dundrennan Range is a weapons testing range on the Solway Firth, near Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway, in south west Scotland. It is part of the Kirkcudbright Training Area, 4,700 acres (19 km2) of farming land acquired by the British Army in 1942 to train forces for the invasion of mainland Europe. The area includes a 15 x 19-mile (31 km) sea danger area. The range takes its name from the nearby village of Dundrennan.

The range is the site of the Electro-Magnetic Launch Facility where, since 1993, the Ministry of Defence and the United States Army have been collaborating on a research project aimed at developing an electro-magnetic launcher, or railgun. The project was expected to continue until at least 2009.

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