Dundurn, Saskatchewan

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Dundurn's Business District: 2nd Street
Dundurn's Business District: 2nd Street
Dundurn is located in Saskatchewan
Dundurn is located in Canada
Location of Dundurn in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 51°49′N 106°30′W / 51.817°N 106.500°W / 51.817; -106.500
Country Canada
Provinces and territories of Canada Saskatchewan
Rural Municipalities (R.M.) Dundurn No. 314
Post office Founded in NWT 1894-09-01
Village 1905
Town 1980
 • Mayor Narraway, Doug (2008)
 • Land .88 km2 (0.34 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 647
 • Density 736.88/km2 (1,908.5/sq mi)
Website Official website

Dundurn is a town of 647 residents in the rural municipality of Dundurn No. 314, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Dundurn is located on Highway 11 or Louis Riel Trail in central Saskatchewan, about 42 km south of Saskatoon. As well as being an agricultural town, it is also a bedroom community for both Camp Dundurn and Saskatoon.


The Regina Branch CNR rail line came through in 1889.[5]


Canada census – Dundurn, Saskatchewan community profile
2011 2006
Population: 693 (7.1% from 2006) 647 (8.6% from 2001)
Land area: 1.37 km2 (0.53 sq mi) 0.88 km2 (0.34 sq mi)
Population density: 505.3/km2 (1,309/sq mi) 736.8/km2 (1,908/sq mi)
Median age: 34.8 (M: 35.0, F: 34.8) 34.5 (M: 34.8, F: 34.0)
Total private dwellings: 263 251
Median household income: $55,836
References: 2011[6] 2006[7] earlier[8]

Area statistics[edit]

  • Lat (DMS) 51° 49' 00" N
  • Long (DMS) 106° 30' 00" W
  • Dominion Land Survey Sec.32, Twp.32, R.4, W3 in 1894 / Sec.9, Twp.33, R.4, W3
  • Time zone (cst) UTC−6


In 2012, Brightenview Development International proposed the development of North America's largest wholesale centre in the town.[9] The Dundurn International Exhibition Centre will provide a showcase for 350 Chinese businesses intending to sell home decor items and building materials to wholesalers, contractors/builders, retailers and consumers.[10]


Students in kindergarten to grade six are able to attend school at Dundurn Elementary School.[11] After graduation, students can acquire further education in Hanley, Saskatchewan at Hanley Composite School, which is a kindergarten to grade 12 school.[12]

Sites of interest[edit]

  • Blackstrap Provincial park and Blackstrap Ski Hill a conservation area with man made lake as well as a man made mountain is located 7 kilometers or 5 miles to the east of town. In 1969, 1970 Mount Blackstrap was constructed to host the 1971 Canada Winter Games which were awarded to Saskatoon. The land used to create the mountain later became the reserve for Lake Blackstrap.[13]
  • Bradwell National Wildlife Area, another conservation area is located 20 kilometers or 12 miles north east of town.
  • Camp Dundurn of Canadian Forces Base CFB Dundurn featuring the 17th Wing Detachment of the Canadian Armed Forces is 6 kilometers or 4 miles north of Dundurn.
  • The unincorporated areas of Indi, Strehlow, and Haultain are located within 10 kilometers of Dundurn, but not much is left of these rail towns and sidings.
  • Whitecap Dakota First Nation (Chief Whitecap 94 Indian reserve) is 15 km (9 miles) north west of Dundurn.
  • Dakota Dunes Casino and associated Dakota Dunes Links Golf course is nearby. The casino and convention centre opened in 2007.
  • The roadside attractions Bone Gatherer and Horse and Wagon are two additions on the Louis Riel Trail [14][15]
  • Wilson Museum which is hosted in three buildings one of which is the Woodview School is located in the town of Dundurn.[16]

Heritage buildings[edit]

The town has three designated heritage properties:

  • Dundurn Community Centre (formerly Dundurn School or Old Brick School) - The building was built in 1916, by the Bigelow Bros. with R. M. Thomson as the architect. The building served as a school from 1916 until 1980. Today the building is used as a community centre.[17]
  • Old Bank Building (formally Northern Bank; Northern Crown Bank; Dundurn Post Office) - Originally built 1906 as a two story wood-frame bank building housing the Northern Bank (Canada), Northern Crown Bank and Royal Bank. The building housed a post office from 1935 until 1957.[18]
  • Dundurn Moravian Brethren Church (also called the United Church of Dundurn building) - The church was constructed as a joint church building housing the Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Moravian members communities. The church was a joint-stock company owned by the member denominations.[19]


Dundurn is run under a mayor-council form of civic governance.


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