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Tilla Donga beside locality
Dunga Gali is located in Nathia Gali Union Council.

Dunga Gali or Doonga Gali is one of the tourist mountain resort towns of the Galyat area of Ayubia National Park, at an altitude of 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) in northern Pakistan. Dunga Gali is located in Nathia Gali Union Council (subdivision) of Abbottabad District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.[1] It is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) from Nathia Gali.[2]


Once it was an empire of Doonga's which was a Hindu Clan of Rajput (Rajvanshi) and Sikh appeared in 1845.

During British Rule, Doonga Gali (earliar called Zila Doonga) was served as a sanatorium to Indians and contained a hotel including post office. The area was also visited by Europeans during summer, who also had houses on the southern slopes of the nearby Mukeshpuri Mountains.[3]

In 19th century, there was a Mukshpuri Temple in Zila Doonga, which was a worship place in the empire.

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Coordinates: 34°03′20″N 73°25′0″E / 34.05556°N 73.41667°E / 34.05556; 73.41667