Dungeon Command

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Dungeon Command
Years active 2012–present
Genre(s) Board game
Players 2 to 4

Dungeon Command is a board game first published in 2012 by Wizards of the Coast. It was created by Rodney Thompson.


Dungeon Command is a board game that comes in separate packs that are meant to be combined with one another.[1]


Dungeon Command is a competitive miniatures game for two to four players, with a tactical aspect of game play that is handled by a card system.[2]


Each of the twelve-character starter sets comes as a box with tile to create the dungeon or outdoor setting, and includes twelve miniatures, Order and Character cards, and counters for keeping track of damage.[2] Titles for packs include Sting of Lolth, Heart of Cormyr, Tyranny of Goblins, Curse of Undeath, Blood of Gruumsh.[1]


Ben Kuchera of Penny Arcade called Dungeon Command an example of the "love of experimentation" shown by Wizards of the Coast to "take the world of Dungeons & Dragons and zoom in and out to varying degrees".[2] Dave Banks from Wired commented on Dungeon Command: "These fast-paced, constantly changing games are both incredibly fun and intensely satisfying … and they’re unlike any D&D game you’ve ever played in the past."[1]