Dungeon Master Nexus

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Dungeon Master Nexus
Dungeon Master Nexus cover.jpg
Developer(s) FTL Games
Software Heaven
Publisher(s) Victor Interactive Software
Composer(s) Tsukasa Tawada, Hikoshi Hashimoto
Platform(s) Sega Saturn
  • JP: March 26, 1998

Retail price: ¥6800

Catalog Number: T-9111G
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Mode(s) Single player

Dungeon Master Nexus is a Dungeon Master sequel released only in Japan, solely for Sega Saturn and only in Japanese. This is the first game in the series using a 3D graphics engine. The game features 15 levels.[1][2] Despite being published under the FTL label, it was completely produced in Japan.[3]

Approaching a potential adventurer in the Hall of Champions


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