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Dungeon Scroll is a game released by Seth Robinson of Robinson Technologies. It was originally released in 2003 and the Gold edition was released in November 2005. The latest version is 2.01a, released on January 16, 2007. It was an Independent Games Festival finalist at the 2004 Game Developers Conference.

Dungeon Scroll is a spelling game given a dungeon RPG theme. Players are given eight letter tiles to use to spell words that deal damage to the enemies they encounter in the dungeon. The bigger the word, the more damage that is dealt to the baddies. At the same time, the enemies are attacking the player, carving away at the player's health. If the player's health hits zero, they lose the game.

As of the Gold Edition, the game features a map that tracks the player's progress through the dungeons. In total, there are 25 dungeons. The best scores for the game can be found in the game, downloading the latest global scores from the RTSoft's website.

There are three difficulty settings.

  • Kid Mode offers an easier run through the dungeon. Players start with extra health and words deal double damage.
  • Normal mode uses just the standard rules.
  • Wizard mode is considered for experts only and starts the player off on dungeon 4 as well.

There are special tiles that occasionally appear that can help the players.

  • There are two extra damage tiles, one that adds +10 damage to the word and one that doubles the total damage the word deals.
  • There is a Heal 5 tile that heals damage, giving the player some extra time to spell words.
  • Oracle is a tile that can be used to spell the best word possible with the letter tiles that the player currently has.
  • There is a tile called Refresh that completely replaces a player's tiles with brand new tiles.

There are enemies that are referred to as bosses. These bosses are slightly harder to defeat, requiring harder, longer words to deal higher damage.

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