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The Dungeons & Dragons Computer Fantasy Game is a handheld electronic game released by Mattel in 1981.[1]


The game was released in the fall of 1981.[2] Mattel reported that it sold out its entire production of the game two months before Christmas.[3]


The game unit is a standalone package that features an LCD screen, described as "state-of-the-art" for its time, and is powered by two watch batteries.[4]


The gameplay is similar to Hunt The Wumpus, in that the player moves through a maze, must beware of bats and pits, and must find an arrow and shoot it at the dragon without entering its lair directly.[5]


Electronic Games in 1983 wrote that Dungeons & Dragons "is sure to win your heart". The magazine liked the gameplay and sound effects, and concluded that it "is an exciting and novel approach to the famous fantasy game".[6]


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