Dungmali language

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Native to Nepal
Region Koshi Zone
Ethnicity 10,000 Kiranti people (2011 census?)[1]
Native speakers
6,300 (2011 census)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 raa
Glottolog dung1252[3]

Dungmali, or Dungmali-Bantawa, is a Kiranti language spoken in Nepal. It is largely cognate with Bantawa, but differs grammatically and phonologically.


Dungmali is spoken in eastern Bhojpur District, Kosi Zone, in Thulo Dumma Sano Dumma, and Bastim chayngre tiwari vanjyang syamshila amtek yaku jarayotar VDC's (Ethnologue). The Dungmali area extends all the way east to the Arun River.


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