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Dunhua North Road
Dunhua South Road

Dunhua Road (Chinese: 敦化路; pinyin: Dūnhuà Lù), consists of Dunhua North Road (Chinese: 敦化北路) and Dunhua South Road (Chinese: 敦化南路), also called 12th Ave, is a major north-south arterial in Taipei, Taiwan. It connects the Songshan Airport and the Songshan District in the north with the Da'an District in the south, near the National Taiwan University. Dunhua Road is known as one of Taipei's more beautiful arterials, mainly because of the large, landscaped medians dividing the express and local lanes of the arterial. The arterial channels traffic coming to and from Songshan Airport throughout Taipei. Dunhua Road is divided into north and south sections (as determined by Bade Road), with two numbered sections in the south and no numbered sections in the north.


Notable attractions along Dunhua Road includes:

  • Taipei Arena
  • Asiaworld Department Store (IKEA)
  • SOGO
  • Eslite Department Store
  • Taipei Metro Mall
  • Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital
  • Shiatzy Chen Dun Nan Store
  • RIMOWA Taiwan Flagship Store (Largest RIMOWA luggage shop in the world)
  • Cha Cha Thé 采采食茶文化

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Dunhua North Road[edit]

Dunhua South Road[edit]

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