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Dunk, Dunks, or Dunking may refer to:

People named[edit]



Henry Dunks, (1882– 1955), Australian politician

In other uses[edit]

  • Slam dunk, type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air and manually powers the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim
  • Dunk (biscuit), dipping of food into a beverage
  • Dunking, a form of water torture
  • dunk refers to a highly customized 70's era Chevrolet, popularized by rapper Trick Daddy, as in "Dunk Rider"
  • Dunk (band), a 1990s Canadian band from Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Dunk (elephant), the first elephant to reside at the National Zoo
  • Dunk Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia

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