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The lough and ruined church

Dunlewey or Dunlewy, officially known by its Irish name Dún Lúiche, is a small Gaeltacht village in the Gweedore area of County Donegal, Ireland. It sits in the Poisoned Glen, at the foot of Mount Errigal and on the shore of Dunlewey Lough. It has a tourist centre, called the Lakeside Centre or Ionad Cois Locha, which offers boat trips of the lake. To the west of the lake is a ruined church.

The name Dún Lúiche means "fort of Lugh", an ancient Irish god. Near the Lakeside Centre is a modern wooden sculpture of the god. Folklore says that the Poisoned Glen is where Lugh slew Balor, and that it is so named because poison seeped from Balor's 'evil eye'.[1]

Dunlewey is the home of the high-quality Dunlewey Connemara ponies.

And the errigal hostel is all so situated there and its a fabulous spot to stay in

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Coordinates: 55°01′10″N 8°06′42″W / 55.0194°N 8.1118°W / 55.0194; -8.1118