Dunnet Head lighthouse

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Dunnet Head Lighthouse
Dunnet Head lighthouse 2016.JPG
The Dunnet Head lighthouse
Dunnet Head lighthouse is located in Scotland
Dunnet Head lighthouse
Location northernmost point of the mainland of Great Britain
Dunnet Head
Coordinates 58°40′17″N 3°22′36″W / 58.671290°N 3.376628°W / 58.671290; -3.376628
Year first constructed 1831
Automated 1989
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower, black lantern, ochre trim
Height 20 metres (66 ft)
Focal height 105 metres (344 ft)
Light source mains power
Range 29 nautical miles (54 km; 33 mi)
Admiralty number A3574
NGA number 3040
ARLHS number SCO-063
Managing agent Northern Lighthouse Board[1][2]

Dunnet Head Lighthouse is an active 19th century lighthouse that stands on the 300-foot (91 m) cliff top of Easter Head on Dunnet Head. The lighthouse is 66 feet (20 m) tall and was built in 1831 by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson. The lighthouse was automated in 1989, and the keeper's were withdrawn. It is now checked remotely by the Northern Lighthouse Board operations centre in Edinburgh.[3][4][5]

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Coordinates: 58°40′17″N 3°22′36″W / 58.6713°N 3.3766°W / 58.6713; -3.3766