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The Last Judgment from the Dunois Hours
The Visitation - Mary, accompanied by a maid carrying a book, meets St. Elisabeth - Book of Hours of Simon de Varie - KB 74 G37, folio 053r

The Dunois Master, also called Chief Associate of the Bedford Master was a French manuscript illuminator believed to have been active between about 1430 and about 1465. His name comes from a book of hours made for Jean de Dunois now in the British Library (MS Yates-Thompson 3). He worked in association with the Bedford Master, in whose workshop he seems to have served; scholars consider him to be the most talented of the Bedford Master's assistants. He is usually assumed to have taken over the workshop when the Bedford Master ceased to be active, or to have set up his own with some of the artists.[1] His style is characterized by soft modeling of forms, and a fondness for pale colors and shell gold.



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