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Duo Caron
Josee and Martin Caron.jpg
Background information
OriginMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Years active1990 (1990)–present
MembersJosee Caron
Martin Caron

Duo Caron is a classical music group who transcribed and performed great orchestral works for two pianos and piano four hands.


Born in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada, sibling pianists Josee and Martin Caron[1] have lived in Montreal for a number of years. They started collaborating under the name Duo Caron in 1990, mostly arranging and playing orchestral works for two pianos and piano duet. The originality of this project has earned them numerous concert appearances including at national and international festivals.


Alan Belkin's Petite Suite for two pianos, commissioned by the Duo Caron,[2] was premiered by Duo Caron in Montreal's Claude-Champagne Concert Hall (June 1996). In 1998, the Quebec International Duo-Piano Festival commissioned to Martin Caron a George Gershwin transcription for two pianos eight hands, "Strike up the Band", premiered at the Gala Concert, pour terminer l'événement de façon spectaculaire.[3]

Released in 2009, the CD British Music for Piano Four Hands[4] includes two new arrangements by Martin Caron of Paul McCartney's works. American Record Guide qualified this CD as a "wonderful release".[5] L’Avantage noted "Précision remarquable"[6] about the interpretation of William Walton's Music for Children. Duo Caron's recordings include a CD of post-Romantic works [7] and another of works by Tchaikovsky.[8][9]

Their recordings are broadcast on CBC, SRC, "Radio Classique" CJPX, CKUA Radio Network Edmonton, and RTBF Radio "Musiq’3" Belgium.

Transcriptions by Martin Caron[edit]

For Two Pianos‚ Four Hands[edit]

For Piano Duet[edit]

For Four Pianos‚ Eight Pianists[edit]

For Two Pianos‚ Four Pianists[edit]

Arrangements by Martin Caron[edit]

For Piano Duet[edit]

  • Paul McCartney (1942- ?):
    • A Leaf for piano solo
    • Appaloosa-Meditation‚ orchestral suite


  • 1992 - Transcriptions for Two Pianos Four Hands (Société Nouvelle d’Enregistrement, SNE-582-CD)
  • 1995 - Tchaikovsky for Four Hands (ATMA Classique, ACD 2-2102)
  • 2009 - British Music for Piano Four Hands (XXI-21 Productions Inc., XXI-CD 2 1603)
  • 2012 - Mendelssohn‚ Transcriptions for 4 hands (Société Métropolitaine du Disque Inc./Espace 21, SMD 225-1)



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