Duoliang Station

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Duoliang Station
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General information
Typeformer railway station
LocationTaimali, Taitung County, Taiwan
Coordinates22°30′27.0″N 120°57′32.0″E / 22.507500°N 120.958889°E / 22.507500; 120.958889Coordinates: 22°30′27.0″N 120°57′32.0″E / 22.507500°N 120.958889°E / 22.507500; 120.958889
InauguratedOctober 1992

The Duoliang Station (traditional Chinese: 多良車站; simplified Chinese: 多良车站; pinyin: Duōliáng Chēzhàn) is a former railway station in Duoliang Village, Taimali Township, Taitung County, Taiwan. It has become a popular tourist attraction, with the platform turned into an observation deck overlooking the rail track and the Pacific coastline.


The station was inaugurated in October 1992.[1] On 1 October 2006 the station was closed due to low passenger traffic.[2][3] After that, the roads connecting the platform were removed.[4][5] On 31 March 2019, the station was closed for upgrading works.[6] The local government made a small renovation work at the former station building where they expanded the observation deck above the tracks.[7] On 1 February 2021, the station began charging visitors entrance fee to the station which is used as cleaning fee.[8]


The station is located along and parallel with Provincial Highway 9.[9]

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