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Dupa biskupa[1] [ˈdupa bisˈkupa] refers to several friendly card games in Poland.[2] The name is a Polish phrase meaning 'bishop's buttocks'.

General rules[edit]

As dupa biskupa is a friendly game, it does not involve any exact amount of rounds and cards to use or even a set number players. There is one general rule; the more players there are, the more cards are in use.[3]

The game starts with the deal assuring that each player receives the same number of cards. Starting from the first, players lay down cards in such a way that everyone can see the card. Having laid the card, the player has to do a certain act established before starting the game and attributed to the height and colour of the card or stay still without doing anything (depending on the card being played). A Player or players who perform a wrong act or forget the act are obliged to take the whole lot of cards from table and divide between them. The winner shall remain with no card in hand as the first player.

Acts are certain only in first round and they are set only to king, queen and ace:[dubious ]

  • When laying a queen, player has to bid "Bonjour, madame!" or "Good morning, ma'am!"
  • When laying a king, player has to bid "Bonjour, monsieur!" or "Good morning, sir!"
  • When laying an ace, player has to bid "Dupa biskupa!” or "Bishop's ass!"

In the first round there is no behaviour attributed to other cards. Winner of the round attributes way of acting to other random cards in next round, but acting for queen, king and especially ace remains the same.

In the popular version of the game the first round is skipped and the following actions are attributed to the cards from the beginning:

  • When 10 is laid, all the players have to place their hands on the stack of cards. Last person to do so takes all the cards.
  • When 4 or 9 is laid, players do nothing
  • When jack is laid, players have to salute

Popular culture[edit]

In Polish adult animated comedy series Włatcy móch, two recurring characters Marcel and The colonel (two zombies living at a local graveyard) were seen playing dupa biskupa on a tombstone. The colonel won the game.


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