Duple Dominant

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Duple Dominant
Duple Dominant Leyland Leopard.jpg
Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Leopard chassis
Manufacturer Duple
Production 1972–1982
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Step entrance

Albion Viking EVK55CL
AEC Reliance
Bedford YRQ, YRT, YMT
Bristol LH
Ford R1014, R1114
Leyland Leopard
Leyland Tiger

Volvo B58
Volvo B10M
Duple Dominant IV bodied Leyland Tiger
Duple Dominant Bus bodied Leyland Tiger

The Duple Dominant was a design of an intercity coach bodywork built by Duple between 1972 and 1982. It has an all-steel structure.


Duple Dominant bodywork was built on different chassis types including:


The original design had a windscreen (and matching rear windows) of the same height as the side windows. It remained in production (with a new design of grille) alongside the Dominant II, whereafter it was known as the Dominant I.

The Dominant II (introduced in 1976) had a deeper windscreen, rectangular headlights and a flat rear window.

The Dominant III had shallow, parallelogram-shaped side windows. The Dominant IV had conventional-shaped side windows, but shallower than those on the Dominant II.

The Duple Goldliner was a high-floor version of the Dominant III or IV.

The Duple Dominant E was a city bus specification version of the Dominant I or II. It is not to be confused with the visually dissimilar Dominant Bus which was available from 1974 to 1987.

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