Durack River

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Durack River
Country Australia
Basin features
Main source Durack Range
563 metres (1,847 ft)[1]
River mouth Cambridge Gulf
sea level
Basin size 4,088 square kilometres (1,578 sq mi)[2]
Physical characteristics
Length 306 kilometres (190 mi)[3]
  • Average rate:
    408,400 ML/a (12.94 m3/s; 457.0 cu ft/s)

Durack River is a river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The river rises below the Durack Range then flows north discharging into the west arm of Cambridge Gulf.

There are 14 tributaries of the Durack including; Chapman River, Wood River, Ellenbrae Creek, Royston Creek, Koolawerii Creek and Wilson Creek.

The river was named in 1882 by the surveyor John Pentecost after explorer and Kimberley pioneer Michael Durack who was the first European to cross the river.

The traditional owners of the area that the river flows through are the Kitja, Ola and Wilawila peoples.[4]


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Coordinates: 16°20′34″S 127°9′44″E / 16.34278°S 127.16222°E / -16.34278; 127.16222