Duraid Kashmoula

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Duraid Kashmoula
Duraid Kashmoula farewell dinner cropped.jpg
Governor of Nineveh
In office
July 2004 – April 2009
Deputy Kasro Goran
Preceded by Osama Yousef Kashmoula
Succeeded by Atheel al-Nujaifi
Personal details
Born 1943
Political party Independent
Relations Usama Yousif Kashmula (Cousin)

Duraid Mohammed Kashmoula (Arabic: دريد كشمولة‎; born 1943) is an Iraqi politician who served as Governor of Nineveh Province from July 2004 to April 2009.[2]

Kashmoula became Governor following the assassination of his cousin, Usama Yousif Kashmula, who was killed while driving to Baghdad.[2]

During his term as Governor he was the target of several assassination attempts from Sunni militants that disapproved of his working with the new Iraqi government. Other members of his family have also been targeted, with his 17-year-old son being assassinated in September 2004, and his brother in late 2006. Nine of his cousins have been killed as well as 17 of his bodyguards.[2]

Following the end of his governorship he moved to Arbil.[2]


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