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For the gold mine in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, see Durba Mine.

Durba (Oromo: "virgin"; also Derba[1]) is a town in central Ethiopia. Located in the Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne, about 70 km north of Addis Ababa, this town has a latitude and longitude of 9°26′N 38°39′E / 9.433°N 38.650°E / 9.433; 38.650Coordinates: 9°26′N 38°39′E / 9.433°N 38.650°E / 9.433; 38.650 with an elevation of 2450 meters above sea level. The town sits above the canyon of the Muger River, near the largest falls of the Muger.[1]

Durba is important for being one of the major sites for the production of cement in Ethiopia. In 2006, the Muger Cement Factory plant announced it would expand its facilities.[2] In 2008, Mohammed Al-Amoudi's Derba Midroc Cement company announced it would establish its own cement factory 8 km from Durba.[3][4]

Based on figures from the Central Statistical Agency in 2005, Durba has an estimated total population of 2,188 of whom 1,053 were men and 1,135 were women.[5] The 1994 census reported this town had a total population of 1,225 of whom 571 were men and 654 were women. It is one of six towns in Mulona Sululta woreda.

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