Durbar High School

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Durbar High School

Durbar High School which translates to Palace High School, opened in 1854 is the oldest modern school in Nepal. Located in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu, it originally taught only members of the ruling family, but was opened to public citizens in 1902.


The founder of the Rana regime, Jung Bahadur Kunwar, later known as Jung Bahadur Rana, decided to give his children an English education rather than the traditional religiously oriented training.Once he had visited the UK and he had to give an speech in front of all the people of the UK and he could not speak English and was embarrassed and decided to teach his children English and also said that "aru kura na sikau tara afno chora lai angrezi bolna sikau" which translated to "even if you don't teach your son anything , teach your son english". In 1854 Jang Bahadur engaged an English tutor to hold classes for his children in the Rana palace. This act tipped the balance in favor of English education and established its supremacy over the traditional type of Sanskrit-based education. In 1991, English education still carried a higher status and prestige than did traditional education. It has two sections, English medium (the upper one) and Sanskrit medium (the lower one).

Some parts of the school were destroyed in the April 2015 Nepal earthquake.[1] The school is currently being rebuilt under the Chinese Aid.[citation needed]


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