Durbar Marg

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Durbarmarg with Narayanhiti Palace visible in background.
AddressesKathmandu, Nepal
Postal code44600
Coordinates27°42′45.40″N 85°19′4.70″E / 27.7126111°N 85.3179722°E / 27.7126111; 85.3179722

Durbar Marg or Durbarmarg (Nepali: दरबारमार्ग; Durbarmarg, informally known as King's way) is a street in Nepali city of Kathmandu. It is considered as the heart of Kathmandu city. As it leads to the Royal Palace of Narayanhiti, Durbar Marg is also known as King's way among foreigners. It is a famous tourist area after Thamel. Durbar Marg is a posh area of Kathmandu with luxury hotels such as Hotel Del' Annapurna, restaurants serving international cuisines, pricey boutiques, travel agencies and airline offices.


A statue of King Mahendra, father of King Birendra stands in the center of the roundabout at the junction of Durbarmarg with Jamal maintained by Hotel Del' Annapurna. The ancient settlement of Jamal was a victim of the Ranas' enthusiasm for building. The rulers seized land from farmers and monasteries, demolishing an old bahal to make way for the new road. The bahal, one time abode of the White (Sveta) Matsyendranath, stood where the god's image had been found in a field, an event commemorated every year at the Jana Baha Dyah Jatra. Sveta Matsyendranath chariot is assembled and driven three times round the spot over which the statue of King Mahendra now presides. Also on Durbar Marg, the greater part of which was built during the Rana era, are the campus of Tri-Chandra College and a mosque used by the valley's Muslim minority.

Recently, the Royal Palace was turned into a public museum immediately after the country was declared a republic. Few years back there has been a recent upsurge in the construction activities in the region. Durbarmarg is a central junction for the road connecting Lazimpat and Thamel, Bhat-Bhateni and Baluwatar, New Road and Asan and Putali Sadak and Kamaladi. Durbar Marg is one of the most well maintained and cleanest places in the Kathmandu valley, and a green belt has been created in the side way. Narayanhiti Palace Museum, luxury hotels, shopping malls, discos, pubs and famous branded showroom's have been a special feature of Durbar Marg.



* Little Italy, the Italian restaurant, Darbarmarg
* Little Italy [1]

Banks and offices[edit]

* Kumari Bank Limited
* Nepal Investment Bank
* State Bank of India(SBI)
* Kist Bank
* Nabil Bank
* Thai Airways
* Qatar Airways
* Baleno

Shopping centers and shopping stores[edit]

* Sherpa Mall
* Square mall
* Woodland Complex
* Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike, US Polo Assn, Arrow .
* Eighteen shop, Big Apple, Bentley.
* Brand stores: Zara, Benetton, Levi's, Van Heusen, Giordano, Lee Cooper etc.
* EvoStore: Apple, Bose, JBL, Incase, Speck

Art gallery and decoration[edit]

* Curio Concern
* The Curio Gallery
* Melange Home Incentives
* Antique House of Khanal & Sons
* Archies Gallery, Durbarmarg

Club, restaurants and bars[edit]

* Club Platinum,Durbarmarg
* Nanglo Bakery Cafe and HotBread
* Italian Pizza and Ice Cream
* Wimpys Kings Burger Pvt. Ltd.
* KFC and Pizza Hut