Durga (raga)

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Durga is a raga in Hindustani Classical music. It is called Shuddha Saveri in the south.

Technical description[edit]

The raga is of Audav-audav nature, i.e., both its aroha (ascent) and avaroha (descent) use only five notes. All the swaras used are shuddha. Gandhar and Nishad are not used. It is a Purvanga pradhan raga, with the lower notes on the saptak (octave) being used more frequently.It belongs to Bilawal thaat..

Aroha: Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Sa.

Avaroha: Sa Dha Pa Ma Re Sa.

Pakad: Re Ma Pa Dha, Ma Re.

The vadi swara is ma, and the samvadi is Sa.

Samai (Time)[edit]

The raga is to be sung during late night.


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