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Durga is a raga in Hindustani Classical music. It is called Shuddha Saveri in the south.

Technical description[edit]

Feature Detail Notes
Jati / Nature Audav-Audav 5 Notes on both Aaroh and Avroh
Aroha Sa Re Ma Pa Dha Sa सा रे म प ध सा^
Avaroha Sa Dha Pa Ma Re Dha Sa सा^ ध प म रे ध_ सा Pancham should not be a resting note in Avroh [1]
Pakad Re Ma Pa Dha, Ma Re
vadi Ma
samvadi Sa
Poorvang-Uttarang Poorvang The lower half of the saptak (octave) i.e. S R G M are present.
Thaat Bilwal

Notes and Features[edit]

  1. All swaras used are suddha
  2. Gandhar and Nishad are not used.

Example Composition[edit]

R m P D ; P D m ; m P D D m ; D m P D S' ; D D S' S' D D m; m P D ; m R ,D S;

Samai (Time)[edit]

Second Prahar of night : 9:00 p.m. to midnight (nishitha)


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