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Durga Ghimire दुर्गा घिमिरे
Born May 12, 1948
Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal
Citizenship Nepali
Occupation Social activist
Spouse(s) Jagadish Ghimire(1946-2013)
Parent(s) Father Ganesh Acharya Mother Shanta Acharya
Website http://abcnepal.org.np/biography-of-mrsdurga-ghimire

Durga Ghimire (दुर्गा घिमिरे)[1] is a social worker and president of ABC Nepal, a non-profit organization working in the field of women welfare and anti trafficking.[2][3] Born on May 12, 1948 as a 5th child of father Ganesh Acharya and mother Shanta Acharya in Nepal's eastern city of Biratnagar, she is a Masters in Arts (Economics) and Bachelor in Law (BL) from Tribhuwan University. She is the widow of Jagadish Ghimire, an eminent author, development worker and political analyst in Nepal.


Besides being a social activist, she is also an author and writer. She has written several literary books and articles on women, women health trafficking and safe migration. She also presents papers on national, regional and international conferences,[4] research articles in journals on the issues of women right, women empowerment, trafficking of girls and sex slavery. She was involved in student politics in the early part of her life and was jailed thrice for about thirteen months. She also serves as consultant for drafting new policies and plans related to issues of women and girls trafficking in Nepal.

She has served for Centre for economic development and administration (CEDA), and Social Welfare Council of Nepal. During her stay in London with her husband, she worked for BBC Nepali Service as a news reader.

She together with Prativa Subedi and Mira Aryal had started ABC Nepal initially intended to work in the field of Agroforestry, basic health and cooperative but later on realized the fact that they should be working against women rights and act for the girls being sold in Indian brothels and save them from their life in hell and focus towards anti trafficking campaigns.

She is also the co-founder of Tamakoshi Sewasamiti (TSS) that works in the rural villages of Ramechhap district of Nepal.[5] It basically works to promotes the social lifestyle of people by improving their access to clean drinking water, gainful employment opportunities, better agriculture technique development and easy access to health facilities and educational services.

Besides being the founding president of ABC Nepal, she is also the vice president of the Women Force Group, vice president of CAPWIP(Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics)[6] Founding member of the National Network Against Girls Trafficking (NNAGT) and Vice president of the Center for Asia Pacific Women in Politics (CASP).[7]

International Recognitions and Awards[edit]


  • उनको सम्झना [10]
  • जेल को सम्झना
  • Staying Alive:Memories of women in prison
  • Prevention, Care, Repatriation and Re-integration of Rescued Girls (ABC/Nepal's experience)[11]
  • चेलीको कथा र बेथाहरु, मेरा अनुभुती (The stories of daughters, My experiences)[11]
  • चेलीबेटी बेचबिखन र महिला हिंसा को वर्तमान अवस्था (Current situation of girls trafficking and violence against women)(Collection of paper presented by Durga Ghimre)[11]
  • Sexual Exploitation of Nepalese girls (with special reference to girls trafficking)[11]


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