Durham Priory

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Priory of St Cuthbert, Durham
The cloister of Durham Cathedral
Monastery information
Mother houseIndependent
Dedicated toSt Cuthbert
LocationDurham, County Durham, England
Visible remainsIntact
Public accessYes

Durham Priory was a Benedictine priory associated with Durham Cathedral, in Durham in the north-east of England. Its head was the Prior of Durham. It was founded in 1083 and when dissolved in 1540 was succeeded by a chapter of secular canons led by a dean.

Historically, Durham Priory was one of the most important land owners in County Durham along with the Bishop of Durham until the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. Until then, Durham Priory was home to between 50 and 100 Benedictine monks. Durham was the largest and richest of the monasteries associated with Durham; the other cells were in Coldingham Priory (until 1462), Jarrow and Monk Wearmouth, Finchale, Farne, Holy Island, Lythe, Stamford and Durham College, Oxford (after 1381).

Coordinates: 54°46′24″N 1°34′37″W / 54.77321°N 1.57683°W / 54.77321; -1.57683