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Label of a Durium record pressed for the Swedish market

Durium Records was the name of two record labels, one in the United Kingdom, the other in Italy.

Durium (UK)[edit]

The first Durium Records was a British record label of the 1930s. Its products and marketing were similar to those of the American record company Hit of the Week Records, described in more detail in that article. Durium sold its single-sided paper gramophone records from around 1930 to 1933. They were also exported to other European countries including Sweden and Denmark (see illustration).

Durium (Italy)[edit]

Durium Records was also the name of an Italian record label that was active from 1935 to 1989. It was distributed under its own name in the UK in the 1960s, first by Decca Records and then by Pye Records, with whom it had a UK hit, "Zorba's Dance" by Marcello Minerbi, which reached number 6 in 1965.[1] The same year it gave trumpeter Nini Rosso a number 1 smash in Australia with the haunting instrumental "Il Silenzio".


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